Meet Our Team

Clinical Operations Lead serving Tempe, AZ

Shelbey Call, PhD

Shelbey Call, PhD, is the clinical operations manager at Phoenix Pointe Psychiatry in Tempe, Arizona. 

Shelbey's studies started at Arizona State University where she earned dual Bachelor's degrees in Marketing and Communication. Shelbey went on to obtain her Master's and Doctoral degrees in Organizational Communication & Technology with a focus on Health Communication from the University of Texas at Austin. Shelbey's academic work includes award-winning publications on healthcare professions, consulting work in hospitals, grant-funded research by the National Science Foundation on the role of artificial intelligence and automation on healthcare, and fellowship-funded work on personal health data tracking. 
At Phoenix Pointe Psychiatry, Shelbey supports the oversight of patient scheduling, billing, and marketing for the clinic. She also collects and produces educational materials to support patients in lifestyle-based changes that support mental health.